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Waterpark mania!

Besides the malls and the traffic, Jakarta has a plethora of water parks. OK, maybe only three that we’ve heard of, but still…

We got an overhead view of the Snowbay park during our visit to the mini Indonesia park the other day (see previous post), and decided to visit Waterbom – the biggest and ritziest place in town.

We hopped a taxi out there, and had a great day in the sun. The highlight of the visit was when Dave’s swimsuit tore completely in half on one of the rides. Thanks goodness he was able to slip on his boxers under the suit and parade around for the rest of the afternoon like that. Wardrobe malfunction aside, the place reminded us a lot of the water park we’ve been to at the Mall of America (except that it was all outdoors).There was even cold beer and hot satay to enjoy, so we could relax in style.

We didn’t bring the phone/camera in with us when we were at the pool, so we didn’t take pictures of some of the full-body-covering swimsuits that we saw, but we did sneak back in at the end of our visit to snap some “we were there” pictures. It was a super follow-up to our cultural outing the day before!

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