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Captivating technology

Our school is moving towards a technology-rich environment, and many of our kids own the latest in digital tools. The pace of modern change, however, is such that there is no way any one person (or group of people) will be able to keep up with all the latest trends.

One of our fellow teachers had an enlightening moment earlier this week. He walked into the library to find a group of students excitedly poking and prodding at something on one of the desks. When he headed over to where they were, he could hear the chatter as they tried to figure out how it worked. They couldn’t believe that something as cool as this new device existed.

Once they actually got the thing running, there even was a little bit of pushing and shoving to be the “next in line” to give it a go. He snapped a few pictures of the kids “fighting” over the privilege of using the machine, and shared them with us. I am always reminded of how lucky we are to live in days of such modern convenience, and how quickly the world changes around us.

(and of course the photos are used with the photographer’s permission, and kids’ faced blurred because they are, well, kids)

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