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Mendut Temple

(last of the write-ups from our winter break trip this year!)

A few kilometers from Borobudur is the much smaller Mendut temple.  On the inside are three amazing statues of Buddha and 2 Bodhisattvas.  The Buddha is over 3 meters tall and is exceptional as he sits western style with his feet on the floor (not in the cross-legged position).  This temple is also exceptional because its panels of carvings are huge.  Borobudur and Prambanan have narrow frieze panels that extend horizontally, one on top of the next.  The panels in Mendut are huge squares; they reminded us of Greco-Roman temples more than Buddhist temples.  We found ourselves recognizing many of the characters and carvings: human-headed kinnara, trees of life, monster tongues…  a very special place.

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