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That’s so sad :(

Driving home from a tax seminar this afternoon (which, admittedly, is sad – but in a different way), Susan and I passed a man with a trained monkey begging at the side of the road. When we first moved to Jakarta, these animals were very commonly seen, but just a few months ago legislation was passed outlawing the practice.

Breck had actually been involved with the school’s Animal Rights Club which had protested and helped raise public awareness about the plight of the monkeys. They are regularly mistreated, and Alea was telling us that most of the performers are female. When they misbehave, their young are brought in front of them and tortured to keep the adults in line.

As you can see in the pictures, this monkey is holding up a mask – not really sure what that symbolizes… Susan hung her head out the window and yelled “Melawan hukum! Polisi!” which, according to Google translate, means “Against the law! Police!” The dude holding the monkey chain didn’t seem too fazed by it. We passed the pictures along to the Jakarta Animal Aid Network, which is sort of Jakarta’s unofficial SPCA. We’re not too confident about a whole lot of action resulting from this (although we have already received a response from them, stating that they were sending volunteers to the site), but we’ve got to do what we can.

What a bummer on a beautiful day.

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