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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Pat’s from our pool in sunny Jakarta and The Stutz Family’s Groovy Gecko Grill!

St. Patrick's Day in the pool!

Monsoon Planning

Phew – thank goodness Alea and I got our emergency supply shopping done this afternoon, in case we have another flood day tomorrow. Black olives, coffee, baguette, Pringles (regular and seaweed flavor), plenty of meat to grill, and 5 cases of Anker. Bring on the monsoon, baby!!!

Flood water preparation, baby!

What else do you need?!

Child Beer and English for saleNot a fantastic photo by any sort of journalistic standards, but it is a great India shot.

In addition to the infamous “Child Beer” for sale at this Jaisalmer shop, this place also specializes in that ever-elusive “English” to go with their burgeoning wine and beer supplies.

Cheerio, little kiddies!

Bombay Oktoberfest 2010 teaser trailer

Free verse Friday – Monkey Attack!

Based on a true story from our Bali trip:

We went to feed monkeys in Bali
Like all of the white tourists do
No problem, we thought
Since we had just bought
Bananas – their favorite food

We fed them and had such a good time
Took pictures with chimps on our head
They were oh-so-cute
Just point-and-shoot
Nothing more needs to be said.

But then Dave went and upset a mean momma
She jumped him and took a strong stand
He’s now worried ’bout rabies:
When he played with her babies
She ripped a deep cut on his hand

She jumped, grabbed, and swiped with her long nail
Tearing a gash down to the bone
The blood squirted out
Amid a loud monkey shout
And with her babe in her arms she was gone

Lucky a doctor was real near
Who cleaned out and stitched up the cut
To stop new infection
Dave got an injection:
A tetanus shot right in the butt.

So finger wrapped, swollen and aching
He was glad to be out in the clear
The rest of the break
Special treatment he’d take
Internal meds: cold beer!

Happy New Year – we’re back!

View over the Balinese rice paddies to a volcano in the distanceInstead of the traditional “pine cones and holly berries” this holiday season, we enjoyed “palm trees and lots of snorkeling.” Our Christmas jaunt was to the island paradise of Bali, where we enjoyed 3 weeks of sun, water (both in the seas and from the skies), shopping, and a bit of culture all rolled up with a healthy dose of relaxation.

Part of that relaxation piece was a complete disregard for any sort of electronic access. Sorting through hundreds of emails this weekend has been a daunting task, but I think we’re just about caught up. Now all we have to worry about is school starting again!

In terms of stories and pictures and all, those are all coming up at some point – but not tonight! Here is a quick list of some highlights (and lowlights) of our time in Bali: snorkeling right from the shore, schools of gorgeous fish, colonies of radiant coral, sunburn, sunken warships, rice paddies, motor scooters, monkey attacks, wood carvings, dances and chanting, tropical skin disease, sea turtles, and of course – ice cold Bintang!

We’ll start getting things sort of organized for the webpage and all, but for now this is just a shout out that the Stutz family is back online. Whoo hoo!

Animal Beers

Breck makes me so proud sometimes. We were riding on the bus to school, when he started pointing out the window at a poster and said, “Look dad – Tiger beer!” We admired the picture of the tiger for a while, and then he said, “You know, there sure are a lot of beers named after animals here in India. There’s Tiger, and Cobra, and Kingfisher, and even Foster’s.” I told him I understood all the others (Kingfisher is a type of bird), but was not sure why he thought Foster’s was an animal beer. “Because of the little kangaroo on it,” was his response. Ah yes, my son, the zoologist.

He did get me to thinking, however, about the beers that I’ve had which are named after animals (or birds, as the case may be). Here’s what I could come up with, keeping in mind that A) they had to beers I’ve actually had; B) they are beers I remembered that I had; C) they have an animal in the name (with one exception as noted above); and D) I didn’t really have to think too hard to come up with this list:

I might add to this list as I remember more (but probably not).


Oktoberfest 2007Was a blast! We had a great crew of people show up, and we ate, drank, and danced the night away. Breck and some buddies were the ‘no shirt club,’ keeping things under control in the apartment, and Alea and her friends were very excitedly dancing to all the songs. It will absolutely become a Bombay tradition as we go forward from here. I have to run this morning for a week in Matheran, but will post a picture of the yummy keg we were able to get. Auf wiedersehen…